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Children's University

At Woodston Primary School, as we are a Learning Destination accredited by Peterborough Children’s University, children in Years 3-6 can become part of an exciting national project. The Children’s University promotes opportunities for young people (aged 7-14) to enjoy learning in their own time and rewards their effort and achievement with certificates as they earn ‘learning hours’ and graduate! 

in the local Peterborough area and across the country, there are many registered learning destinations which children can have fun attending, whilst developing their skills and interests. Check the website regularly as the list of activities is constantly growing, including activities to do at home and online.

Check our website regularly and twitter ‘@woodstonprimary' for exciting updates and opportunities. If you and your child are interested in joining, or have any queries, see Miss Holroyd or visit for more information. 

Members: Don’t forget to remind your child to bring their paper ‘Passport to Learning’ to all of our Woodston school clubs or any validated out-of-school learning activities to be signed and get their unique stamp code! Then, login to your account at to log your own hours, monitor your awards, review your experiences, discover new learning activities and more! 


Activities to do at home (some are validated for Children’s University members to collect stamp codes!)