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Early Years

Welcome to Reception! We are excited to work with your child as they start their primary school journey. We are helping your child settle in to school by learning about rules, routines and to follow expectations around school. They will have the opportunity to explore sounds, rhythm and rhyme through songs and stories, one of which is still a surprise (our Power of Reading book).  Please keep your eyes peeled for a reading book which will make its way home in the new reading folders (don’t worry if there aren’t any words). Don’t forget we expect that children will share a book 5 times a week at home and this will be recorded in their Reading Diary. Hopefully, we will learn some new animal names, how many syllables they have in their name and where they live. We will be learning about numbers; what they look like, what they mean and how we can make them. We will also be learning how to sort objects in a variety of ways.

We will be helping the children to develop their knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects through exploration and play; both indoors and outdoors. If your child comes home and says they have played all day, they have!

We are keeping your children Covid safe through extra hand washing, use of hand gel, and lots of reminders to leave a little space. We are learning a new song to help remind ourselves of how to wash our hands. 

We can’t wait to see the children grow and change over the year!



Reception Team