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Early Years

Welcome back to Reception. We hope you all had a lovely break. We have lots of exciting things in store for the children during the Spring term.


During the first half term we will be focusing our work on the book Tanka, Tanka Skunk, looking at poetry, rhythm and nonsense verse. We will be exploring different animals, their habitats and which countries they come from. and thinking about our own pets how we should care for these. As part of our PSED work we will be talking about people who help us, our local environment and what we can do to help others and care for our school and homes. 

We will be continuing our phonics learning by beginning to think about reading and writing using digraphs (two letters that make one sound).  We will be encouraging the children to apply their knowledge to writing their own sentences. The children will be introduced to more tricky words and continue to expand their sight vocabulary of commonly occurring words.

In maths we will be continuing to work on numbers to 20, recognising them, counting with one to one correspondence and chanting them forwards and backwards. We shall be thinking about repeating patterns and measuring length and capacity.



After half term we will be moving on to traditional tales leading to the children retelling their own versions of the tales both orally and in writing. We shall be thinking about the natural world around us and how things grow and change, focusing on fruits and vegetables and then looking at simple recipes using these to cook with.

In phonics the children will be focusing on reading and writing words containing an increasing number of sounds and applying this to sentence writing.

We will be thinking about weighing, size and position and ordinal numbers and will be continuing to work on skills for addition and subtraction.