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Headteacher's Welcome

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone visiting this page. I am very proud to be the headteacher at Woodston and would love to welcome you, in person, if you would like to arrange a visit to the school.

Our school operates very much like a family, with positive relationships and nurture at the heart of all we do. We know that humans thrive when they are valued and cared for, and we apply this thinking in all aspects of our work. Every child who attends our school has the best attention given to their well-being and education. Staff work hard to ensure pupils are recognised for the unique and invaluable contribution they make to our community, and create the conditions that allow children to get the most out of their education with us. Our pupils grow into confident, independent and enthusiastic learners, and we love to celebrate their achievements.

We offer a rich curriculum, designed to give children the knowledge and skills that will make them successful in their next phase of education and beyond. There are a vast range of opportunities on offer and a range of specialist staff to ensure children receive the highest quality teaching across the curriculum.

We understand the importance of fostering partnerships with families and services locally, nationally and internationally, to enhance the work we do in school. We are committed to building meaningful relationships and taking our place at the heart of the local and global education community.

We are incredibly lucky to be part of a successful Trust which enables us to be innovative and creative in our use of resources and the development of staff. Working together as an outward-facing Trust enables us to stay one step ahead of the changing educational landscape so our staff and pupils are well-supported and prepared.

This is just a brief overview of the many positive attributes of our school. We are recognised by Ofsted as a ‘good’ school and remain committed to our ongoing development. ‘In our hands we hold the future’ and this is a responsibility that we take very seriously indeed.

Please do arrange a visit and find out for yourself how it feels to be welcomed into our school. I can guarantee that you won’t want to leave!

Mrs Becky Ford