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Ideas for Music at home


* YouTube has most of the songs we sing at school


Cupsong - an activity with 'a cup' to music on You Tube


* Learn to play an instrument - follow instructions on YouTube tutorials


* Make your own instruments from junk and stones etc


* BBC 10 pieces on line - an early introduction to classical music


* Listen and watch 'Saints Saens' Carnival of the Animals, then draw the animals


* Listen to Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf - draw the instruments you can hear


* Design and make a theatre for a performer


* Garageband - a great site for composing 


* BBC - education for children (radio and TV). Jack and the Beanstalk with songs is fabulous


* Little Amadeus - a cartoon for all ages about Mozart


* Some 'Sing Up' songs are available on line


* Young Voices songs over the years will be available by searching on Google


* Encourage a 'time to perform'


* Makaton on YouTube teaches a full range of songs through signing