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Top Tips to help your child to enjoy reading

  • Go to the library – it’s free to join.  There are books, audio books and magazines for children.


  • Make time to read after school or at bedtime; reading together for 10 minutes makes books special.


  • Be positive and praise your child for what they do.


  • Follow their interests and let them read and re-read their favourite books


  • If English is not your first language, you can talk about picture books in any language or ask your library for dual language children’s books.


  • Be a positive influence by reading books, newspapers and magazines of any language.


  • Encourage your child to choose their own books, comics and magazines as soon as they can.


  • Make a special place to keep your child’s books; a book box or a bookshelf shows that books are cared for.

Try some of these sites to complete some Literacy activities!

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