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Dear Parents/Carers, 

Please find attached some resources that may be useful alongside your child’s year group ‘Home Learning’ resources.

Many of the resources that class teachers have put in the Home Learning pages are very open ended and can be adapted to support and engage your child whilst learning from home however some of our learners rely on a clear structure and routine to successfully manage their day. The pictures attached can be printed and cut up individually to make visual timetables.

Just select the symbols relevant for the day.  Choose a handful, not all of them and even potentially involve your child choosing some of the learning activities for the day to support engagement.  Then put them in the order you would like to complete them in.  

I have attached an example of a 5 a day activity timetable and a ‘Now and Next’ board which you could use.  Or you may find it easier to stick them to your fridge with magnets or the wall with blue tak.

I have also attached a social story you may wish to share with your child.

Take care and say safe! 

Mrs Hurrell