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Year 1


What a wonderful term the Year 1 children are having! Not only have they settled into their new classes, but they are learning so many different things now that they are in Year 1, including lots of vocabulary (we are working hard on this throughout school).  It is great to see them starting to use it in their sentence writing.  We have recently started our second Power of Reading class book – Rapunzel. She had left lots of her long, long hair in our classrooms, and as we followed it, inside and outside, we eventually came to a wrapped up copy of the story, illustrated in black, yellow and grey.  We have started painting our own pictures from the story in the same style – they look amazing!  Last half term we read ‘Egg Box Dragon’ and designed and made our own dragon models.  We also made story maps and wrote letters to the Egg Box Dragon, as our class dragons went missing!  Thankfully, Egg Box Dragon helped us to find them.  We also wrote invitations to a ball, which we held in the last week of the half term.  We carefully chopped vegetables and made sandwiches, which we then enjoyed at the ball.

We are learning so much more about numbers, exploring number bonds to 10 and using part, part whole models to help us add.  Recently we have been learning about number bonds and how to work them out systematically.  We really enjoyed finding out about ordinal numbers.  We had lots of races to see whose car/aeroplane came 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  In phonics we are building our knowledge of digraphs and trigraphs and this is helping us to read and write quicker.  It’s very exciting!  Please keep sharing books with your children and making time for them to look at their green dot reading book – just a few minutes each day.  Our expectation is that children will share a book 5 times a week at home and that this is then recorded in their Reading Diary.

We have been learning about some celebrations, including Diwali, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day.  The children loved making Rangoli patterns and, creating firework pictures and finding out more about why we wear poppies and have 2 minutes of silence on the 11th day of the 11th month. The next thing we will be doing is practising our Nativity performance – alongside Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, there will be angels, donkeys, wise men and many other characters taking centre stage in our Year 1 performance of the Christmas story.  We are sure that you will love it!



We have been having a brrr-illiant time learning all about Antarctica in Year 1! Our class book has been ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ and we have loved learning all about how emperor penguins look after their babies. We were especially interested (and some of us disgusted!) at the female penguins regurgitating food into their chick’s mouth. We enjoyed finding out facts about Emperor penguins and made some very informative posters about them too. Next half term, we will be swapping the cold for hot as we venture to Kenya through our new book ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’. We will be doing some African fruit tasting, learning about the different animals that can be found in Kenya and making traditional Ndebele huts. 


In maths, this term, we have been learning about numbers beyond ten, not only how to count forwards and backwards to 20 but also how to write them correctly. We discovered that numbers beyond 9 contain two digits, the first digit represents tens and the second digit represents ones. We have looked closely at the teen numbers 11-20, using part, part whole models to partition them into tens and ones. We looked at different ways to add and subtract numbers within 20, finding the difference and comparing groups of objects using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. We have enjoyed using a variety of resources during our maths lessons such as tens and ones, Numicon, number lines and ten frames. All of these resources make it easier for us to understand and solve our problems. Next half term we will be moving on to place value within 50 and also do some measuring of length & height, weight & volume. 


In phonics we have been building our knowledge of digraphs and trigraphs and this is helping us to read and write quicker.  It’s very exciting!  Please keep sharing books with your children and making time for them to look at their green dot reading book – just a few minutes each day.  Our expectation is that children will share a book 5 times a week at home and that this is then recorded in their Reading Diary. 


We have also been learning about some celebrations, including New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. The children loved making Chinese lanterns and Valentine cards for their friends. In our PE sessions, the children have enjoyed learning our penguin dance and developing their balancing and climbing skills by using a variety of gymnastic equipment. The children were really interested to learn about Captain Scott’s expedition to Antarctica in History as well as having a ‘cracking’ time investigating which material is best to keep an egg warm in Science. 

White Rose have produced a 1-minute maths app which focuses on building number confidence and fluency. 



The last term in Year 1 has begun!  We started with a very exciting visit from ZooLab, where we met a Madagascan cockroach named Jarvis, a rat named Princess Katie, a corn snake named Casper and a tarantula named Phantom.  This was a fabulous finish to our work on Africa from last term.


 This term, as part our new Power of Reading book we are thinking about litter and recycling.  This also links to our Science work.  Surprisingly we had a visit from a lady called ‘Lily Litter’, who didn’t know what to do with litter and was throwing it on the floor around our school!  We had to explain to her what to do and we have written letters to her, to remind her to put the rubbish in the bin and not throw it on the floor.  The children are really enjoying our new story, ‘The Secret Sky Garden’.  As well as improving our reading and understanding of text, we will be continuing to develop as writers, using conjunctions (such as and, because), adjectives (such as slowly, huge, dirty) and of course, remembering to use punctuation in our sentences (capital letters, finger spaces and full stops)  We are also learning to check our writing to make sure we have included what we need to.  We are so grown up in Year 1!


We are continuing to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in maths as we begin to learn about multiplication.  This will include learning about doubles and understanding equal amounts.   We will also be finding out more about measuring capacity and mass and learning more about the properties of shapes.  


In Science we are also learning more about plants.  We would love to know how the sunflowers are doing that we planted in Science Week last term!  In PSHE we will be learning more about our body parts, how to keep ourselves safe and who to go to if we are worried.  We will be learning about the countries in the UK and their capitals and doing some food tasting, as we sample traditional dishes.  Our Art work links to shapes in Maths and plants in Science, as we explore the work of Kadinsky and Van Gogh.  And in DT we will be using our knowledge of shapes and materials to make kites.


We will be continuing to develop our PE skills twice a week, and of course the children love to access the field and the trim trail equipment now that the weather has improved!  Music and computing will also be included in our timetables – we are continuing to learn to play instruments and sing songs, developing our sense of rhythm and pitch.  And finally, in RE we will be finding out about the Muslim festival of Eid-Ul-Fitr, as Ramadan comes to an end.