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Year 1

This half term Year 1 have been learning about how scientists group animals into different groups either by type or by their diet. They have been excited to find out that humans are mammals, omnivores and vertebrates. In History we are finding out how shopping has changed over time. Please talk to your children about your experiences of shopping when you were a child! We have shared our experiences of family life with each other in PSHE and have found that our families may look different and live in different homes but can have similar values and rules. In PE with Mr Gray, we have explored how to follow simple maps and directions and with the class teacher we are trying to improve our personal best at different fitness activities such as squats and sprinting short distances. In RE, we are finding out about different beliefs that people have about Creation and in Computing we have learned how to click and drag on a laptop’s trackpad to create a picture on screen. Art has enabled the children to explore colour mixing as we plan to create class representation of Kandinsky’s famous painting ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’. 

Our class text is ‘The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon’ and the children are enjoying the story so far. We will look at how to make a story map and use that to help us to write our own story. The children are really looking forward to making their own Egg Box Dragon in a few week’s time.

As part of our Maths lessons, we are concentrating on place value ensuring the children have a solid understanding of number and looking at terms such as greater than and less than. We will be building on this to look at ordering and comparing and soon we will be adding and subtracting too!