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Year 3

This term, the Year 3 staff have been thrilled to welcome the children back to school. Although the classrooms look very different, we have made every effort to make them attractive, interesting and stimulating. Obviously, there is A LOT of hand washing taking place throughout the day and the hand gel dispensers are being emptied and refilled every other day! The children are taking this in their stride and we have reassured them this is how we can all keep healthy. They have become experts at emptying their tables in seconds (several times a day) so we can use antibacterial spray to clean them.


All our children have quickly become engaged in their learning and are really enjoying our Power of Reading book – we can’t reveal the name just yet…but watch this space! The English working wall is already filling up with their work. In Maths, we have been revisiting some of the Year 2 Place Value work and building on the children’s knowledge. They are enjoying counting in 100s and 50s using songs to make it fun!


In Science, we are learning about light and dark. We will be learning about how we see and how light reflects off different surfaces and then we’ll find out all about shadows. This will help the children when they create their own shadow puppet theatres to perform the story from our Power of Reading book.


Year 3