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Year 3

During the Autumn term, we read a variety of stories from around the world. We studied different cultures and locations around the world as well. We used this information to create a travel brochure about a country of our choice. We also created a non-chronological report about the rhinoceros. Many of the texts that we read, had a number of different animals in them and we used this as inspiration when creating our own stories, poems, art, clay models and drama. During our R.E lessons, we learnt all about Christianity and discussed whether Christmas was a festival of light or love. 


This term, we will be exploring key texts linked to our science topics. We will be learning about forces and magnets and plants and their life cycles. Furthermore, we will be studying famous artists, building on the knowledge from our previous lessons, to create our own independent pieces of art. In addition, we are focusing on our local geographical area and our surroundings. As well as this, we will be enhancing our map reading skills and creating our own maps for the local area. We are also lucky enough to be joined by our ICT specialist this term, who will be teaching us coding, debugging and animation. During our R.E lessons, we will be learning all about Sikhism. We will be visiting a local Gurdwara to help us understand the Sikh religion further.