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Year 4

Welcome to Summer 1 in Year 4! We are going on an adventure to Africa through our Power of Reading text (soon to be revealed!) and our learning in Geography and Science. Our focus will be on Kenya, linking together food, farming and fair trade as well as looking at biomes, habitats and food chains. There is much more to come on our travels to Africa in Summer 2, so watch this space!


In Maths, we are looking at decimals including tenths and hundredths. We will be using our existing knowledge of place value to help us divide by 10 and 100. After decimals have been added to our schema (what we already know), we will use this to help us learn more about money. Later in the half term, our focus shifts to using our knowledge of telling the time and then to statistics. 


We have lots of really exciting learning planned for our Year 4 learners and we hope you have an amazing learning adventure with us!


Mrs Brough, Mrs Bunning and Miss Flatters