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Year 4

In Year 4, during the Autumn Term we looked at the books ‘Wolves” and “Arthur and The Golden Rope”. We used these as our inspiration for a writing a range of different texts types such as a fact file about wolves, television adverts about visiting Iceland, newspaper articles, alternative story endings and comics.


We used the setting of Iceland from “Arthur and the Golden Rope” as the inspiration for our study in Geography. We looked at the differences between the two hemispheres, and learnt about the lines of longitude and latitude, the topics and the Equator.


In Science, we learnt about the human digestive system and different types of teeth and the role they play. We compared our teeth to those of various animals and looked at how our diets differ from theirs. 


During the Spring Term, we will read two lovely books and use these as our inspiration for writing, science (including experiments about changing states and the water cycle) and the History of Childhood.