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Year 4

Dear Parents,

I know you must be worried about your children's education during these uncertain weeks. We have created 4 weeks worth of activities for you to complete with your children at home. The work is set out week by week, with activities for:


Spelling, Reading and Writing


Times tables and Maths skills

Learning Projects

P.E, Science, Geography, DT, Art. Music, Drama and life skills.

These are all skills we have covered in class this year however we have included links to videos or games to help explain strategies to use. In addition, we have included a Gramma Glossary and a Maths Vocabulary Glossary explaining the terms and definitions.

Check this page for any updates or additional work. Our thoughts are with you all during this difficult time and we will miss the children terribly. We hope we will see you all again soon.

Mrs Bunning and Miss Armstrong