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Year 5

This term, Year 5 are swapping cloth masks for gas masks, in order to join the evacuees on a World War II adventure to the countryside! In preparation, we have already looked briefly at the major events before World War II and the consequences of the Versailles Treaty. Through our book ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’, we will be discovering what it was like to be an evacuee and how evacuation impacted on both city and countryside people. We will also look at Woodston and Peterborough during the War, and how our local area was affected. Our Geography lessons will focus on locating key countries, cities and events during the war. In English, we will be writing a balanced argument about whether our school field should be dug up to help feed the nation plus we will create detailed descriptions of the main characters from the book. Our maths lessons are currently focused on using decimals, and after mastering these skills, we will be moving onto properties of shape. Carrying on our theme of World War II,  we will be also be learning popular World War Two songs in music and creating propaganda posters in art. We will even be trying our hand at being codebreakers in computing lessons! To finish off our fabulous term, we will hopefully be able to celebrate VE day in an appropriate, safe, but fun fashion. Dig for Victory!