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Year 5

Our theme this term is ‘Journeys’ and we will be finding answers to a ‘big’ question:

                                      Why do people undertake perilous journeys?

We will look in detail at the expedition that Ernest Shackleton and his crew undertook when they travelled to Antarctica. The children will have opportunities to research other great explorers and adventurers and discuss what their contribution has been to our world today. We will compare and contrast these journeys with those taken by people fleeing their countries because of war and famine. There will be lots of chances to write in role and develop our skills of empathy, resilience and perseverance. In RE, we will learn about how important faith, courage and commitment are to the people we find out about. Through our theme work, we will also explore printing techniques, the properties of materials, as well as reversible and irreversible changes. Our knowledge of world geography will be extended when we compare contrasting parts of the world and the people and wildlife found there.

Our PSHE work will focus on working together, identifying our strengths and using them to develop new skills.