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Year 6


Our overriding theme this term is 'Why do people undertake perilous journeys?' In Year 6, we began the Autumn term looking at the book 'Stormbreaker'. From this, we looked at the world of espionage, the physical and human features of Cornwall and the Portugese man o' war. For the second half term, our Power of Reading focus is 'The Journey' by Francesca Sanna. Linked to this, we will be writing lots of poetry and creative writing, where we will be building our empathy for character's and their circumstance. We will look at the journeys that individuals have taken around the globe and through history linked to our theme.

In Science, we have studied light, the way we say and how light travels. Linked to this, we have produced detailed eye drawings using the medium of watercolours. In the second half of term, we will be focused on electricity: making circuits and carrying out lots of investigations. 

In maths, we have studied place value for numbers up to 10,000,000 and written methods for the four operations. We are beginning to study fractions.

In P.E., we have been learning passing and positioning skills in Netball as well as these skills in Tag rugby. Our focus is now turning to basketball and table tennis where we are developing our hand-eye coordination and ball handling skills.

In PSHE, we have focused on collaboration with others, knowing how it feels to be in new situations and having strategies for managing emotions.

In music, we have been focused on 'Rock and Roll' music ready to perform in front of an audience. 



In year 6 this term we will be focussed on the question: Why do we need to cherish our fragile ecosystems? We will link our reading with two books: Wolfbrother by Michelle Paver and Mama Miti: Wangari Maathai and the Trees of Kenya. One will take us on an epic adventure and the other will look at the amazing life of one person trying to make a big difference.

In Maths we will be linking our knowledge of fractions to decimals and percentages. After this we will look at algebra, replacing digits with letters. For example: 6 + x = 15. To work out the value of x, first subtract 6 from the left side, 6 + x - 6 = x. Then subtract 6 from the right side too, 15 - 6 = 9. So you are left with x = 9. We will then use this knowledge to solve missing number sentences. After algebra we will then work on converting units of measure from metric, cm to m, ml to L to imperial km to m. 

In Science we will be describing how living things are classified into broad groups according to common characteristics and based on similarities and differences. We will give reasons for classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics. After classifying animals we will move on to recognising that living things change over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. We will also look at how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.

Linked to our Science: In Geography we will be looking at different climates and ecosystems around the world. Our class book will also help us understand the impact humans have on the landscape and wildlife.

In PSHE we will develop our sense of personal identity and self-worth, as well as learning to consider and respect the needs and views of others. We will begin by exploring our identity, and how our perceptions can be affected by the behaviour and attitudes of others. 



We will have an historical theme this term whilst always keeping an eye on the future with our big question:

How does the past influence our future?

We will be using our class book to help us understand choices and actions carried out in the past and the outcomes they created. Our class book ‘Treason’ by Berlie Doherty will help us explore these ideas– A historical novel set in the backstreets of Tudor London. Will Montague is a page to Prince Edward, son of King Henry VIII and must face a terrible choice: Who matters most? Your father or your king?

The book will also help us to immerse ourselves in the rich history of the Tudor period looking at all elements of life from the time. We will look at the eventful life of Henry VIII and his six wives as well as music, food, medicine and other significant figures from this period. We plan to spend two days researching the style of houses from this time and constructing some of own using a range of DT skills including weaving and woodworking.

Our PSHE, RE and will all link closely to our ‘big’ questions. In RE we will be exploring Islam and the way in which Muslims demonstrate and practise their faith. Our PSHE lessons will be very important this term as it will give us the opportunity to share our feelings about the future as we prepare to move on. We will be looking ahead to secondary school and thinking about all the positives that lay on the road before us.

As mathematicians, we will be linking the work covered last term of fractions to better understand decimals and percentages. We, will spend time consolidating our learning in most areas of maths for small projects dealing with real life scenarios in preparation for year 7.

PE lessons this term will be based on summer sports playing tennis and cricket. We’re hoping the weather is kind to us! A big thank you to our parents who are making sure their children come to school in their PE kits on Mondays and Fridays. Please remember that hair should be tied back and earrings not worn or covered with tape.

Please be aware that homework is given out on a Friday and should be handed in the following Wednesday. We also expect our children to be reading each evening and practising their timestables on TT Rockstars. Thank you again to our parents and carers for their support and partnership.