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Year 6

Dear Year 6 


Today’s joke is from Ruby

Question: What goes oh, oh, oh?

Answer: Santa walking backwards 

Monday 20th April is officially the start of the summer term.


I hope you all had a lovely Easter Break and are keen to keep your brain working and growing.

Mrs Goodwin and I have been thinking hard about work that you can complete at home with a small amount of resources. We have attached a timetable of different activities and the challenge is to try and do one of each of the colours each day. It can be completed in any order. I generally do the tough stuff first then I can enjoy the easier tasks later (but that’s me).


At 10 o’clock each day we will use the following website:

In the game you will be able to play against each other and practice your multiplications (win/win). To make it much easier to see who you are playing against when you create your name we have been typing Wood then your name e.g. WoodGood = Mrs Goodwin, WoodAlford = Mr Alford. Please do the same so we can see who we are playing. If you go to private game and select someone with wood at the start of their name you should be playing people from Woodston. You will need to enter a password which will always be 12.

If you are not sure please send an email.

We will be playing 10:00 – 10:15 as a maths warm up. There are lots of great games on here so check your email as we may pick a different one from time to time.

If there is anything you need help with please email. Don’t forget to keep sending in pictures of any work or creative things you and your family have been up to. It is lovely to hear from you see what you have been working on.

Today’s thought for the day comes from Nehvish

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
By Benjamin Franklin

If you haven’t sent me a joke or inspiring thought/quote please do so I can add them to the class list.

Thank you and good luck at 10:00!

Mr Alford